(On Sundays we start breakfasts at 8am and stop serving breakfast at 9.45 to prepare our delicious home cooked roasts)

Traditional English at The Foundry 

Full Breakfast - £6.50, Smaller appetite £5.99 (served until 11am except Sundays 9.45)

Full Breakfast - £7.50, Smaller appetite £6.50 - Not available Sundays

2 farm fresh fried eggs, black pudding, mushrooms, handmade sausage, tomato,

2 rashers bacon, saute potatoes, Heinz baked beans & buttered toast

including a cup of tea or coffee


Add bubble and squeak and or fried bread for £1.50 each

Add a portion of chips for £1

2 x sausage, 2 x egg, chips and beans £5.99

Breakfast sandwiches on white or brown bread

Egg banjo with 2 eggs (military term for a fried egg sandwich) - £2.50

Sausage sandwich with 2 local handmade sausages £2.50

(onions optional)

Bacon butty with 3 slices of british bacon £2.50

Chip butty £2.00
add mature cheddar cheese £1 extra

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