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I haven't really had a chance today to say thank you to Moz Tombs and Tracey Tombs at The Foundry Arms At Poole for having myself and Leigh Crowe last night performing. We had an absolute blast and the feedback and crowd reaction was really humbling. I know I host my quiz there so it may sound a little biased but The Foundry is a special place and we are so lucky to be a part of the family. We love you all there and for reasons beyond music.

Rich Baxter

Thankyou for a great day. And everyone looked so smart. Big thankyou to Bushy for sorting my dislocated finger! Definitely my hero yesterday! An amazing day with wonderful company xxxc

Karen Toms

Thank you Moz,Tracey and all the wonderful staff and friends. Poppies and medals galore. Great day with lovely company. ♡♡xx

Anita Jones

Best pub in Dorset

Richard Bugden

Would like to thank Moz, Tracy & the gang for a lovely welcome and a great weekend. Hope to see you all soon

Jed and Jo  xx (Glastonberry branch)

Moz dear boy just to say what an amazing pub you and Tracey run and what a lovely crowd you had in today. xx

Beverley Halliwell-Smith - via Facebook

What a terrific brilliant night last night, loved it, want more of this please, sardines... don't know what they were on about

Gil Brown - Via Facebook