Whats on?

Here are some of the events we have on

Quiz night every Wednesday


Sunday 23rd Jan Dave Marks 3pm


February (inc 6 Nations Rugby)

Friday 4th Rugby

Saturday 5th Arron O'Shea and Rugby

Sunday 6th Rich Baxter 5pm and Rugby

Friday 11th Talk

Saturday 12th Rugby

Sunday 13th Arron O'Shea 5pm and Rugby

Sunday 20th Madness 3pm

Saturday 26th Finnian and Rugby

Sunday 27th Rugby

March (inc 6 Nations Rugby)

Sunday 6th Hardcore Troubadour

Friday 11th Rugby

Saturday 12th music (TBC) and Rugby

Thursday 17th St Patricks Day and Jim Etherington Evening

Saturday 19th Rugby

Sunday 20th Dave Marks 3pm

Sunday 27th Mothers Day and Big Ron 3pm


Saturday 2nd Jim Etherington 3pm

Friday 8th George Forster Talk

Saturday 9th Jim Springett

Friday 15th Andy O'Sullivan

Saturday 16th The Collective

Saturday 17th Susie Kimber 3pm

Sunday 18th Karboodle 3pm

Saturday 23rd Rich Baxter 3pm and St. Georges Day

Sunday 24th Dave Marks

Saturday 30th Aaron O'Shea


Saturday 1st Total Madness

Sunday 8th Jim Etherington 3pm

Saturday 14th Andy O'Sullivan 

Saturday 28th Finnian 
Sunday 29th Rock and Blues Co 

Monday 30th (Bank Hol) Dave Marks



Saturday 4th Queen Tribute

Sunday 5th BBQ and Bands

Saturday 11th Falklands Surrender reunion

Sunday 12th Susie Kimber

Friday 17th George Falklands Talk

Saturday 18th Falklands Reunion and Harry Pay Day

Sunday 19th Fathers Day

Friday 24th Jim Etherington 8.30pm

Saturday 25th Hardcore Trouberdore 


Sunday 3rd Big Ron 3pm

Sunday 10th Arron O'Shea 3pm

Sunday 17Rich Baxter 3pm


Sunday 7th Dave Marks 3pm

Saturday 13th John Springett

Saturday 14th David Mien

Saturday 20th Rock and Blues Co

Friday 26th Jim Etherington 8.30pm

Sunday 28th Susie Kimber

Monday 29th Bank Holiday Andy O'Sullivan



Sunday 18th Big Ron 3pm

Saturday 24th Total Madness
Sunday 25th Finnian  3pm


Sunday 2nd Hardcore Trouberdore  3pm

Saturday 15th David Mien

Sunday 16th Arron O'Shea 3pm

Sunday 23rd John Springett

Friday 28th Corps Birthday

Saturday 29th Rich Baxter 
Sunday 3rd Dave Marks 3pm


Saturday 5th Andy O'Sullivan
Sunday 6h Susie Kimber 3pm

Sunday 13th Remembrance Sunday

Thursday 17th Boujolais Day and Big Ron

Friday 25th Jim Etherington 8.30pm

Saturday 26th Big Ron 
Sunday 27th Rock and Blues Co


Sunday 11th Total Madness 3pm

Sunday 18th Dave Marks 3pm

January 2023

New Years Day - Bath Race