Dave’s Yummy Sunday Lunch Menu

(Varies week to week)

Starters - To get those tastebuds going

Prawn Cocktail with a Salad Garnish & Brown Bread & Butter £5.95

Breaded Garlic Mushrooms with Salad Garnish & Garlic Mayo £3.95

The Main Event, Justa lika Mamma used to make

Standard Sunday Roast £11.99 or Small £9.99

Roast Dorset Beef, Chicken, Pork or Gammon
all served with Yorkie’s, Roasties, Fresh Veg & Lashings of Home Made Gravy


Two Meat Roast (your choice) with all the Trimmings £13.99


Dorset Lamb Shank in a Rich Mint Gravy with all The Sunday Trimmings £14.95


Extra’s Cauliflower Cheese £3, Sweet Potato Mash £2


Grilled Cod in Parsley Buttered, Buttered New Pots & Veg £10.99



Veggie Chilli & Rice £8.99

Dessert - The bit you’ve always got room for - all at £3.95

All our Puds are on The Specials Board by the fireplace

*Confucius Says*


“Corona Virus is killed by alcohol so bombard it”



Just Remember Tipping makes you immediately sexually attractive like Moz

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